How long has HGCFP been in existence?
Programming began in January of 2011.

How did HGCFP get started?
Raymond and Carolyn launched the idea for HGCFP in 2007, but the barn needed a lot of structural repair to make it safe for people and animals to use. More details are available on the timeline/progression portion of our webpage.

Was the barn part of a historic preservation grant?
No. All of the work that has been done on the barn and at the farm property has been paid for personally by the owners. A considerable amount of resources, materials, and labor were required to repair the barn and install all of the safety requirements per Act 250.

Is HGCFP a non-profit?
Yes. The organization was awarded 501(c)3 status in March of 2011.

What does that mean?
Non-profit status allows us as an organization to accept tax-deductible donations from individuals and Corporations who would like to support our mission.

Since HGCFP is a non-profit why do you charge for services?
Not for profit does not mean that we donʼt have expenses. We have many expenses to cover each year which include insurance, staff salaries, horse care, utilities,and grounds maintenance. Our annual budget is approximately $100,000.00.

Our goal is to work toward offering our services completely free of charge but at this time we have not built up enough donation support to cover our budget. We keep our charges as low as possible and are in the process of establishing a scholarship/sponsorship fund for youth and families who need financial assistance. That said, we do not want to turn anyone away who could benefit from the therapeutic rewards of the program. If you need scholarship help please call Shawna Fatigate, our program coordinator, and we will do the best we can to meet the need.

What is your mission statement?
Hope Grows Community Farm Program is an educational and charitable organization committed to encouraging personal growth through the example of compassionate and responsible relationships between people, animals, and the environment.

We do this through:
• Mentoring Youth
• Community Outreach
• Environmental and Animal Stewardship
• Educational Enrichment

How do you accomplish this mission/vision?
Hope Grows has several programs that have been developing over the past two years. Our primary focus at this time is horsemanship, gardening and healthy eating, and volunteerism. Our vision is to provide a safe and positive experience for children to interact with animals and help with farm work; modeling compassionate and responsible relationships within a caring community.

Is HGCFP a religious organization?
Hope Grows Community Farm Program is not a religious organization, however we do have a Statement of Faith as established by the Founders in their original vision as follows:

HGʼs founding values are faith-based. Though the farm is not associated with any particular denomination, the basis of our belief rises from the Christian values that our nation was built upon. The Founders believe in a Sovereign God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ. It is our desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith
through action, serving children and families of all backgrounds.