Breed: Colonial Spanish Mustang

Date of Birth: 2006

Gender: Male

Cherokee is a sassy little man who is one of our two paint ponies here at Hope Grows. He loves cuddles and attention, but he is also a great escape artist. He is a flashy little riding horse, and is a great mount for a rider who enjoys a challenge.




Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse

Date of Birth: 2013

Gender: Female

Cookie is a beautiful young mare who belongs to Amber, our director. At only three years old, she is the youngest horse in the herd. She is still in training, but she helps with a few of Amber’s lessons, as well as being good company for Judge, our oldest horse. She loves to run and play in her paddock, and visitors always gives her compliments about how pretty she is!


Galan is a chestnut gelding who belongs to Carolyn Chauvin. He is a very loving little fellow, and is now learning to have a new career as a riding horse. He is still a horse for advanced riders, but is coming along nicely. Maybe someday he will be helping as a lesson horse too!



Breed: Halflinger

Date of Birth: 2005

Janie is a sassy little mare who belongs to our riding instructor, Katie. Katie has owned Janie since she was only a year old, and has trained her to be both a riding and a driving horse. Although Janie can be ridden and is an excellent children’s mount, she loved to drive and would definitely prefer to be pulling a cart! She helps teach driving lessons and drags the Hope Grows arenas, as well as taking Katie and others for trail drives around Hyde Park. 


Breed: Belgian Cross

Date of Birth: 1992

Gender: Male

Height: 16.2H

Judge spent his early life with the Amish as a carriage horse. This gave him his steady, unflappable character, which we have come to depend on! Judge was saved from euthanasia by Heartsong Equine Rescue Organization (HERO) and Hope Grows was lucky enough to acquire him in 2011, where he has been a wonderful addition to our program. His docile nature makes him ideal for working with children of all ages. Judge is semiretired now, but he has become the mascot for the Hope Grows equestrian program and his years of service to humans will be repaid with our love and attention for the rest of his days!


Breed: Quarter Horse/Arab

Date of Birth: 2000

Gender: Male

Height: 14.3H

Lenny was bought for Hope Grows in 2011, and is now one of our most popular lesson horses! His sweet and patient temperament makes him a great teacher for our students. He loves to spend time in the pasture with his friends, and he always notices new things to see during trail rides around the farm. 


Breed: Hanoverian/Belgian

Date of Birth: 2008

Meghan is sweet, gentle, and loves attention. She works as a lesson mount for our advanced riders, and is learning the basics as a dressage horse. Meghan is a very talkative mare, and is the first to greet you with a Good Morning whinny. In training, she will probably squeal to let you know when she doesnt want to do something.




Breed: Percheron/Appaloosa

Date of Birth: 2003

Queenie was previously a therapeutic riding lesson horse for her owner James and other riders, at Trails End Farm in Colchester, Vemont.  Prior to becoming James’ therapy horse, Queenie was a lesson horse at a children’s summer riding camp in nearby Craftsbury, Vermont.

Queenie moved to Hope Grows Farm at the end of 2011 and has been such a wonderful addition to the Hope Grows program! She shows boundless patience and affection to her owner James.

ViviCam 6300


Breed: Kiger Mustang

Date of Birth: 2011

Gender: Female

Valencia came to Hope Grows as a yearling, and her owners have entrusted us with her upbringing and training! She is still too young to ride much, but she is ready to learn the skills to make her a safe and reliable mount. Valencia is the most curious horse on property. As a youngster, she wants to see, smell, and explore everything! She LOVES attention from anyone who passes her stall.





Breed: Paint

Date of Birth: 2002

Height: 14.3

Zanzibar is on lease to the Hope Grows program and we are so lucky to have him! His family comes to visit him often and we hope they always know how loved Zan is when they are away. He is one of our most popular lesson horses. His sweet nature makes him a pleasure to be around and he often wins over nervous students. You will often see him around the farm, hanging out in his pasture with his best friend Janie.