Here is some of the feedback we have recieved from our participants and their careproviders.

“Since our daughter has been volunteering at Hope Grows and also taking riding lessons, we have seen incredible changes in her confidence and overall well-being. Being at the farm, whether it be doing daily chores, grooming the horses, or even mucking out stalls is the highlight of her week.  It is all she talks about it and has become the primary focus of her joy and happiness.  We are not in a financial position to own our horse and so Hope Grows gives our daughter the opportunity to learn first hand the dedication it takes to own a horse farm and all the commitment it takes from the riders, workers, trainers, and community to maintain a farm. Her involvement at Hope Grows has been an incredible blessing and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow more confident in herself and learn more about horses.”


“I like coming to take care of the horses. They help me to be calm, it’s part of my therapy”

“Hope Grows is all my kids have been talking about the whole week.”

“I am very thankful for you guys. You have given me the best opportunity in the world.”